Hi! I’m Jessica Quinn.

I believe that every person can create a career based on his or her passions.
  • I have sat through the 8-3/9-5 scheduling of an office.
  • I have put in my hours to build up someone else’s dreams
  • I have put my goals on the back burner in order to keep the lights on.

…and I have decided that that’s not the life for me. This is why I found a way to take my life passion (homesteading) and turn it into a full-time income for my family.

Blogging, VA work, and ghostwriting allow me to stay home with my kids and do what I love every single day. That’s what Bless Your Blog is all about… turning your dreams into reality via an online business.

Who I Am

I am a 31 year old single mother of 5 children. We live on a 1/2 acre homestead in the NW corner of Tennessee where we raise rabbits, chickens, honeybees, and a few gardens.

My Work

I run Mama on the Homestead, Bless Your Blog, and I work on staff with Homesteaders of America.

I also do website upkeep and virtual assistant work for brands in the homesteading niche such as: