Hi! I’m Jess.

I am a work-from-home single mama of 5 who runs a profitable full-time business from home. Building a business from scratch with babies at home wasn’t easy, but being able to stay home and take control of our financial future was well worth it!

Based on my experience, I firmly believe that every person can create a long-term career based on his or her passions.

  • I have sat through the 8-3/9-5 scheduling of an office.
  • I have put in my hours to build up someone else’s dreams
  • I have put my goals on the back burner in order to keep the lights on.

…and I have decided that that’s not the life for me. This is why I found a way to take my life passion (homesteading) and turn it into a full-time income for my family.

But, how can you do this?

Blogging! Yeah, it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. You can build a blog that teaches others about a topic that you are passionate about. Create blog posts, printable products, ebooks, videos, and courses to help people excel in your area of expertise.

Blogging, VA work, and ghostwriting allow me to stay home with my kids and do what I love every single day. That’s what Bless Your Blog is all about… turning your dreams into reality via an online business.

If you are ready to take the first step in building a blog that can become a business, download my free ebook here.

Who I Am and How Did I Get Here

I am a 32-year-old single mother of 5 children. We live on a 1/2 acre homestead in the NW corner of Tennessee where we raise rabbits, chickens, honeybees, and a few gardens. I started blogging to document our family’s homestead journey in 2014. My blog, Mama on the Homestead, was nothing but a hobby at the time and I mostly wrote inspirational posts and some poems.

The shape of my blog began to morph after my second child was born. I wanted to stay home with the kids so I decided at that time to leave the corporate world and never look back. I moved my website from Blogger to WordPress and started trying to make some supplemental income so my husband wasn’t the only one bringing in money. I started making $400-1000/month pretty quickly and that was enough for us at the time.

In 2021, I went through a divorce. This was scary as a stay-at-home-mama with no serious full-time income. I did not want to be away from my babies, but my blog wasn’t making enough to support us full-time SO I got to work! My blog quickly went from making ~$12,000/year to $25,000/year to $45,000/year and it continued to grow. In the area that I live in, this is a pretty good salary, especially in such a small amount of time. I never had to go back to a job outside of our home!

Throughout all of this, I have learned so much about building a business when you have a very busy schedule and a very low budget. I hope that you can apply some of the tips and advice found throughout this website to help you build your blog quickly and efficiently!

My Work

I run Mama on the Homestead and Bless Your Blog, and I work on staff with Homesteaders of America. I also do website upkeep and virtual assistant work for brands in the homesteading niche such as: